Why inhaling Vitamin B12 is proving to be an effective method of absorption?

Vitamin B12 helps the body remain healthy in a range of ways from regulating mood, assisting with fatigue, natural energy production, keeping the bodies nerves and cells healthy and preventing anemia which is a condition where the body is deficient in red blood cells and unable to optimally deliver oxygen throughout the body; which causes people to feel weak and tired.

Many people unknowingly suffer from low B12 levels especially vegans and vegetarians who are not eating enough animal products where Vitamin B12 is a rich source. People resort to tablets and capsules of Vitamin B12 but the absorption rates are between 6-20% and most of the time a very little amount of Vitamin B12 is actually absorbed. Scientists in the United States have discovered that inhaling Vitamin B12 can be a more effective method.

There are a couple of key reasons that vitamin B12 works so well for inhalation. One reason is that your body only needs a small amount of vitamin B12 everyday [1], so you can inhale it in 10-20 puffs. That’s not true with a lot of other vitamins, like vitamin C, which would take thousands of puffs. Another reason is that vitamin B12 is NOT sensitive to the heat associated with vaporising [3].

Ultimately, however, the existing data speaks for itself when it comes to the efficacy of B12 inhalation. It is many times more efficient than pill absorption, and comparable only to injections (though injections are still the most efficient).